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1. Adult High School Diploma program at Home.
2. Standard High School - Grades 6 thru 12
3. English as a Second Language

March 2018

Academic High School education continues serving the WORLD community for 18 School years!!!

We offer 3 major programs:

1. Standard High School Program with Teacher Instruction

2. Adult High School Diploma Program at Home

 3. English as a Second Language with Professor Instruction 




 We are located on the south side of the Bank of America Building

23123 State Road 7

Suite 107 

Boca Raton, FL 33428 



For immediate answers to any questions, contact by phone Sheldon Klasfeld, Director, at 561-929-7990 or 561-900-4015

or Marji Baker, Principal, at 561-305-7857 

 School Fax: 561-883-2525  

  School Email: academichs@aol.com

School Website: http//:academichs.com 


    Program:  A College Preparatory School            

Founded in year 2000

Florida Department of Education Code:  50-4369     

CEEB Code: 100191

SEVIS Code:  MIA214F01623001  

Family posing on graduation day