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Ask us: "Do you qualify?"  Academic High School qualifies to accept scholarships from the State of Florida Department of Education:   


These are "Parental Choice" scholarships. If your child is not succeeding within the public schools, come to us. We will guide you through the requirements.


Step Up For Students - Title One - low income grants- must qualify through


McKay Scholarships - E.S.E. - Exceptional Student Education

 Slow learners education with an I.E.P. - Individual Education Plan, high level and gifted learning

 State requirements I.E.P. Must meet State of Florida requirements.

 504 Plan - If your child is designated with a 504 plan by the former School District in Florida

 Veterans - Children of any active military personel - Inquire within the State of Florida

 501 (c) (3) - Not for profit - Corporate sponsors are welcome - Earn tax exemptions for making donations to financially aid students to earn a high school diploma.  Any monetary amounts in GRANTS are accepted.

 Foster Care  - Any student in foster homes may apply with the State.

 Step Up For Students provides K-12 scholarships for low-income school children.   Does your family qualify for the free or reduced lunch program?  If so, you may qualify for this program too. Students who qualify may receive more than $4,000 for private school tuition 

 McKay Scholarship Programs are available for any student who has an I.E.P. or is E.S.E.  This includes gifted and slow learning programs.  We will determine if you qualify through the state.


Inquire about all other programs.

Call Academic High School today: 561-929-0333. 

Email us any time at: 

If you qualify, scholarships can help you with your financial responsibility.