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Summer school can begin for you today. Contact us now and get a head start. 

Liberty Bell
High School Credit Recovery and Advancement Solutions
-Save your school year with our SUMMER SCHOOL.  Make up missed credits or
do you need to retake a class? Then we are your summer school solution.
-Enroll today!  All classes and courses available.  Failure is not an option. Everyone deserves a second chance. Credits are accepted at all high   schools nationwide and meets the Department of Education's criteria.
-Do you want to prepare for a hard mathematic class for the next school year? Then you can do remediation, or advance preparation for success with us.
-At Academic High School we give you the chance to make up any missed courses. We are open all summer.  Call for a session that fits your schedule.
-Students must work hard to earn the credit that was failed or do remediation. Student must complete the     entire books curriculum to earn a full credit.
-We are accountable to ALL PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS, grades 6 - 12.  We are fully compliant with the Florida   Department of Education.  Our professional teachers meet all the state requirements.
-You can work at your own pace.  You will earn the required credits when upon completion.
-Each student must meet the Florida Department of Education requirements.
-All subjects offered: core courses & electives, including all math, sciences,
 history, English, Spanish and more.  Both regular and honors classes available.
Call us now at  561-929-7990
Enroll today and Start tomorrow!
Summer school can improve your Grade Point Average, GPA.
Improve your GPA and graduate with us "ON TIME"