Need your High School Diploma?

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Need your High School Diploma?
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We have helped thousands of adults complete their dream of graduating high school and then attending college.

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We have helped save students from dropping out-if you have dropped-out, we can help you earn your high school diploma-this is NOT a GED.   
If you have struggled or are struggling with earning your high school diploma, you can finish high school with us, and start a new chapter of your life. 
  1.    We will admit anyone from ages 16 to 100. We individualize a student's curriculum to better help them succeed 
  2.    You will earn a regular high school diploma
  3.    We are totally compliant with the Florida Department of Education 2015, Homeland Security, and the US Department of Education. 
  4.    Our goal is your success. 
Take this first step to move on with your life, and further your education for a better career. 
Any questions? Call us for answers.  561-929-0333
We make a difference...and you can too.
Start today!
Sheldon Klasfeld, Principal 

Academic High School has improved the lives of hundreds and hundreds of students....add your name to our list.