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Everyone is welcome to learn English the fun and the easy way!

English as a Second Language (E.S.L.)

We use the Florida Department of Education as a guideline for the English Second Language curriculum.

Hands on Instruction with Lessons, Conversations, Journals 

We have International Students from China, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, Ukraine, Phillipines, Vietnam, Colombia, Portugal, Romania, Venezuela, Russia...and more.   We sample the world!

Learn English today and faster!  Or just improve your language skills.  We prepare

you for college admissions or for  better communication with others.  We strive toward SUCCESS!

Call today and try one day for FREE!   One day Free Trial! 

Sign up for this FREE mini-English lesson by calling us today and ask for Sheldon (561) 929-7990.   

Only $325 per month.  Choose from over 55 flexible hours per week.  Morning, Afternoon and Evening classes available.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   (In class teacher instruction)

We teach GRE, TOEFL, MCAT  and other exam preparation.

Three different sessions

Hours and Days:   

          8:00 AM  to   1:15 PM    Monday  -   Thursday with  Mr.  Lorenzo

          11:30 AM  to   5:45 PM    Monday  -   Thursday with  Ms. Rosanna 

          2:00 PM  to 7:00 PM   Monday  -   Thursday with  Ms Diane

   6:00 PM to 10:15 PM  Monday  -  Thursday with Mr. Adrian 


Classes begin every Monday.   Call us today.


English as a Second Language Tuition:

  • Walk-in ESL course:                                     $325 per month

  • Adult High School Diploma program:         $100 to get started.  Then a balance of $895 can be made with comfortable payments.

  • High School (grades 6-12):                          $395 per month

International Student Tuition:

  • New I-20   -   Student presently in their country : $595 total for registration.
  • Dependents are a $25 each for a 1 time processing fee.
  • New I-20  for Students presently in the USA, for a change of status:   $395 total registration fee.
  • Transfer in I-20 from another school:  $100.  Total registration fee.
  • Prepare for the TOEFL. $395 for individual program (Ten - 90 minute lesson)

 23123  State Road 7, Suite #107  Boca Raton, FL  33428-6627
School phone (561) 929-0333. 

ALSO:  Learn any other language. 

We can teach you any language in the WORLD. 

Spanish, French, Hebrew, Portugese  and MORE!!!  Just ask us.

Change your ccircumstances.  Be Bilingual or Tri-lingual.  Communicate with anyone anywhere in the World.

Know what others are saying.  Travel in confidence.  Make a difference in your life.

Call us today with any questions..........(561) 929-7990  

International students are welcome from all over the world. 
Ask us any question on education.....over 40 years of experience.

If we don't know it....we will research an answer for you.