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Gifted and Honors Students can take our College Placement Tests. 


Get on the Fast Track for Graduation! 
We offer HONORS and GIFTED high school credits. The curriculum is related to the Florida Sunshine State Standards. You will identify which program you are taking before you begin and we will help YOU. Honors and gifted students have the ability to graduate in as little as 3 high school years. State mandated credits will be earned and you will achieve your school work at a fast pace while moving ahead in fulfilling your career path.
Common Sense is our focus for success. We will put things in writing before you begin. Your transcript will reflect your higher achievement with clear cut goals and a roadmap toward graduation and diplomacy.
Plan for your future success with Academic High School. Go to a 4 year University anywhere. We will help you apply to any college. Improve your chances for a better career with upscale courses. For more information call now-take the first step with Academic High School in planning your future.