E.S.E (Exceptional Student Education)

General Information
School Profile
Grades 6 thru 12 high school
Need your High School Diploma?
ESL/ESOL Classes
Over 18 Diploma (Adults)
Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE)
Honors and Gifted programs
International Students
Summer School
S.A.T & A.C.T Prep
College Placement Test
Private Tutoring Available
Foreign Language Courses
Teacher job opportunities
Toward a bright future

-We are able to modify our courses for any student with an IEP or 504 plan.
-We will review your I.E.P. with you upon your request
-We will help build a better world one student at a time.
We give you special attention.
Don't be at-risk.
-We offer high quality education.
Everyone is equal with us...we don't use the
word disability.
-Learn at your own pace. We help
both Gifted, Slow Learning, and Regular students.
-We will help you gain strength with
reading and writing skills.

We give individual attention!